Tales of Japan Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice 40ml

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About Tales of Japan Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice 40mlThe Tales of Japan is quality e-liquid developed in Poland and has direct shipping from there...

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About Tales of Japan Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice 40ml

The Tales of Japan is quality e-liquid developed in Poland and has direct shipping from there. There is a 30PG/70VG ratio for PG/VG. The bottle has a capacity of 60ml and 40ml of it comprises of e-liquid. This leaves enough space for two nicotine shots. It comes with Nine Flavors including Cherry Blossom, Geisha Show and Moon Catfish.


Capacity: 40ml in 60ml bottle
Nicotine Strength: 0mg
Ratio of PG/VG: 30PG/70VG

If you fancy Japan and want to discover flavors of this beautiful, yet distant country. We have perfect solution for you. Vape like a jap with our shots. Best ingredient and great oriental taste make it worth a try.

Origami Birds
Stunning oriental flavor of passion fruit. Inspired by ripe passiflora from Okinawa region in Japan

Cat of Fortune
Make your day with crispy cereal and wide selection of oriental fresh fruits. Taste true flavors of Japanese breakfast

Cherry Blossom
Imagine walking through the alleys filled with blooming cherry tries. We turned this experience into flavor of sato nishiki cherries and Sakura citrus

Flavors of Kyoto
Blend of Fuji apples and Okinawa's famous passion fruit. Very complex, fresh and beautiful palette of flavors

Sumo vs Ninja
Despite name i'ts a win win situation. Sato nishiki cherries ( sumo ) play with Japanese mint ( ninja ) to create this masterpiece of vaping

Geisha Show
Daidai citrus is playing key role in this spectacle of flavor. It's bold, sweet, sour and so exciting that you can't stop vaping

Fruit Amnitsu
True Japanese classic. If you're not familiar with this dessert, now you can try it. Once you do, you'll want more and more

Moon Catfish
Not fishy at all but elegant and exquisite like a catfish. Ichigo strawberries blend perfectly with scent of yuzu citrus.

Smell of Geisha
Treat yourself with this tasty mixture of kyoho grapes and kaki flavor. Very exotic and unexpected blend


Tales of Japan Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice 40ml contains

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